Choose the wrong statement.


HIV virus has RNA as its genetic material.


HIV virus replicates in TH lymphocytes.


Anti-retroviral drugs are only partially effective for AIDS treatment.


HIV spreads by sexual contact or sharing needle with the infected person and not by mere touch of physical contact.


The time-lag between the infection and appearance of AIDS symptom may vary from few hours to a week.

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Correct option is E)

The Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) is the RNA-containing virus belong to the retrovirus. It targets the immune system especially TH cells, where they replicate. As the virus destroys and impairs the function of immune cells, infected individuals gradually become immunodeficient. It is transmitted from infected to healthy man through body fluid by sexual contact or sharing a needle with an infected person. The symptoms of HIV vary depending on the stage of infection. Though people living with HIV tend to be most infectious in the first few months, many are unaware of their status until later stages. The first few weeks after initial infection, individuals may experience no symptoms or an influenza-like illness including fever, headache, rash or a sore throat. It can be treated by using the anti-retroviral drug which is partially effective. Hence, the correct answer is option E.

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