Consider following statements about Attorney- General of India.
1) He is appointed by President of India.
2) He holds office during the pleasure of the President.
3) He must be member of either House of Parliament.
4) He can be removed by impeachment by Parliament.
Which of the statements are correct?


1 and 2


2, 3 and 4


1 and 3


3 and 4

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Correct option is A)

The Attorney General (AG) is appointed by the president. 
The term of office of the AG is not fixed by the Constitution. Further, the
Constitution does not contain the procedure and grounds for his removal. He
holds office during the pleasure of the president. 

he has the right to speak and to take part in the proceedings of both the Houses of Parliament or their joint sitting and any committee of the Parliament of which he may be named a member, but without a right to vote. He enjoys all the privileges and immunities that are available to a member of Parliament. 
He need not to be member of parliament. 

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