Consider the following statements and identify the right ones:
I. The peninsular block is rigid and stable in its geological structure.

II. The Himalayas are young, weak and flexible in its geological structure.


Only 1


Only 2


Both 1 and 2


None of these



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Correct option is C)

Both 1 and 2 statements are correct.
The Peninsula is formed essentially by a great complex of very ancient gneisses and
granites, which constitutes a major part of it. Since the Cambrian period, the Peninsula has
been standing like a rigid block with the exception of some of its western coast which is submerged beneath the sea and some other parts changed due to tectonic activity without affecting the original basement.

The Himalayas along with other Peninsular mountains are young, weak and flexible in their geological structure unlike the rigid and stable Peninsular Block. Consequently, they are still subjected to the interplay of exogenic and endogenic forces, resulting in the development of faults, folds and thrust plains. These mountains are tectonic in origin, dissected by fast-flowing rivers which are in their youthful stage.

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