Consider the motion of a positive point charge in a region where are simultaneous uniform electric and magnetic field and . At time , this charge has velocity in the x-y plane, making an angle with the x-axis. Which of the following option(s) is (are) correct for time ?

This question has multiple correct options

If , the charge moves in a circular path in the x-z plane


If , the charge undergoes helical motion with constant pitch along the y-axis


If , the charge undergoes helical motion with pitch increasing with time, along the y-axis


If , the charge undergoes linear but accelerated motion along the y-axis

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Correct options are C) and D)

If then due to magnetic force path is circular but due to force will have accelerated motion along y-axis. So combined path of q will be a helical path with variable pitch so (a) and (b) are wrong.
If , then due to , path is circular and due to and , q has accelerated motion along y-axis so combined path is a helical path with variable pitch (C) is correct.
If then and due to motion is accelerated along y-axis (D).

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