Define electric capacitance and write its S.I.unit.



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The ratio of charge given to a conductor and potential raised due to this charge is called electric capacitance of the conductor.
From equation : 
Thus , the electric capacitance of a conductor is a constant. Its  value depends upon the nature and area of the conductor and on the environment around the conductor and also on the other conductors placed near the conductor.
Again from , if =1 volt, then
i.e. the electrical capacitance of a conductor of a conductor is equal to charge of conductor when the applied potential on a conductor take as unity.
Unit and Dimensions:

Unit of capacitance CV Farad (F)
1CV 1F
If q = 1C, V = 1 volt, then C = 1F
i.e., 'If on giving a charge of 1 C to a conductor its potential is increased by 1 volt, then the capacitance of the conductor will be 1F'.
Farad is a big unit of capacitance. In practice other small units e.g, F and or pF are used.
and F = 1 pF = F
Dimensional formula:
Dimensional formula of C
Graph : If a graph is plotted between and , then the straight line is obtained.
The gradient of the graphical line
i.e., the gradient of the graph provides the capacitance of the conductor.

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