Describe different types of animals and birds found in different parts of the country.



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(i) In India, a variety of animals are found in its different parts. The elephants are the most majestic animals among the mammals. They are found in the hot wet forests of Assam, Karnataka and Kerala.
(ii) One-horned rhinoceroses are the other animals, which live in swampy and marshy lands of Assam and West Bengal. Thar Desert is the habitat for wild ass and camels respectively.
(lii) Indian bison, nilgai, chousingha, gazel and different species of deer are some other animals found in India. It also has several species of monkeys.
(iv) India is the only country in the world that has both tigers and lions. The natural habitat of the Indian lion is the Gir forest in Gujarat. Tigers are found in the forests of Madhya Pradesh, the Sundarbans of West Bengal and the Himalayan region.
(v) The Himalayas harbour a hardy range of animals, which survive in extreme cold. Ladakh's freezing high altitudes are a home to yak, the shaggy homed wild ox, the Tibetan antelope, the bharal, wild sheep, and the kiang. The ibex, bear, snow-leopard and very rare red panda are also found in certain pockets.
(vi) In the rivers, lakes and coastal areas of India, turtles, crocodiles and gharials are found.
(vii) Several colourful birds are also found in India. Peacocks, pheasants, ducks, parakeets, cranes and pigeons are some of the birds inhabiting the forests and wetlands of the county.

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