Describe the preparation of potassium dichromate from iron chromite ore. What is the effect of increasing pH on a solution of potassium dichromate?



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Potassium Dichromates are generally prepared from chromates which in turn are obtained by the fusion of chromite ore with sodium or potassium carbonate in free excess of air.

The yellow solution of is filtered and acidified with to give a solution from which orange sodium dichromate can be crystallised.

Sodium dichromate is more soluble than potassium dichromate. The latter is prepared by treating the solution of with .

(orange crystals)

On increasing the pH of a solution of , it behaves like a strong oxidising agent and it oxidises iodide to iodine sulphides to sulphur, tin (II) to tin (IV) and iron (II) salts to iron (III) salts.

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