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Discuss the different modifications of leaves.


 Modification Definition Example
 1) TendrilsThe leaves are modified into slender wiry and
 coiled structures called leaf tendrils and support climbers to climb
 Pisum Sativum
 2) SpinesThe leaves modified into a pointed structure and usually protect them from herbivores. Opuntia
 3) PhyllodeIt is a green extended structure formed by the modification of petiole or rachis of leaf that carries out photosynthesis. Acacia
 4) Storage leavesLeaves become fleshy due to storage of water and food material. Aloe
 5) CotyledonsThe mature embryo shows either one or two cotyledons. Angiosperms and gymnosperms
 6) Leaf bladdersSome of the leaves of aquatic plants modified into leaf bladders to trap small insects. Utricularia
 7) Leaf PitcherLamina of the whole leaf is modified into a lid known as a pitcher which traps insects to fulfil the need of nitrogen. Nepenthes


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