Distinguish between static friction, limiting friction and kinetic friction.How do they vary with the applied force? Explain by diagram.

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Static friction is a self - adjusting force because it comes into play when 

the body is lying over the surface of another body without any motion.

If we have not applied any force on a body to move the body, 

the frictional force also becomes zero. 

If we start applying force, 

with the applied force, 

the frictional force also starts increasing. 

This happens until the applied force is less than limiting frictional force.

When that body overcomes the force of static friction, 

the maximum value of static friction is reached -which is known as limiting friction. 

After the limiting friction,  

the frictional force is not going to increase further. 

At this stage, 

the object moves overcoming the frictional force which is at a constant value. 

This is called kinetic friction.

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