Draw a labelled diagram to make a soft iron bar as an electromagnet.Describe in steps the procedure.

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Usually, the electromagnets are made in two shapes:
1) bar or I shaped magnet and 2) horse shoe or U-shaped magnet.
1) To make a flar or I shaped electromagnet: Take a soft iron bar PQ and wind a thin insulated copper wire around the car.Connect a cell or battery B, and a key K in series between the ends of the coil.The circuit diagram is shown in fig. When key K is closed, current passes through the winding of the coil and the bar becomes a magnet. As the key K is opened, the current stops flowing in the coil and the bar loses its megnetism. Thus, the bar behaves like an electromagnetic.
2) To make a horse shoe or U shaped electromagnetic: Take a U shaped soft iron place.Wind a thin insulated copper wire on its arms such that the winding in the two arms is in opposite direction.In figure winding in the arm A starts from the front and is in clockwise direction.(When seen from the bottom)
On reaching the upper end of the arm A winding starts from the back at the top of the arm B and is in anticlockwise direction.Connect a battery B and a key k between the two ends of the wire.

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