Equipotential surfaces

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are closer in regions of large electric fields compared to regions of lower electric fields.


will be more crowded near sharp edges of a conductor.


will be more crowded near regions of large charge densities.


will always be equally spaced.

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Correct options are A) , B) and C)

We know that on any two points of equipotential surface, potential different is zero or of equal potential.

So the electric field intensity is inversely proportional to the separation between equipotential surfaces.

So, equipotential surfaces are closer in regions of large electric fields. Thus, it
verifies answer(a)

The electric field is larger near the sharp edge, due to larger charge density as A is very small

So equipotential surfaces are closer or crowded. It verifies answer (b).

As the electric field and potential or field decreases as size of body increases or vice- versa (case of earth), so the equipotential
surfaces will be more crowded if the charge density
increases. It verifies the answer (c).

As the equipotential surface depends on distance by and  

Equipotential surface depends on charge density at that place which is different at different place, so equipotential surface are not equispaced all over.

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