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EXERCISE IN COMPOSITION 67 Fill in blanks with suitable Prepositions : 1. The dog ran the road. 20. He has not yet recovered__his illness. 2. The river flows the bridge. 21. shall do it ____ pleasure. 3. The work was done _haste. 22. God is good__me. 4. He is afraid _ __the dog. 23. I will sit _my desk to do my lesson. 5. I am fond ____music. 24. I am sorry _what I have done. 6. He goes _Sunday church. 25. O God ! Keep me___sin. 7. He died_ his country. 26. I bought it __ seventy rupees. 8. The steam-engine was invented - James 27. He broke the jug__a hundred pieces. Watt. 28. It has been raining__yesterday. 9. The burglar jumped _the compound wall. 29. I have been working hard_ arithmetic. 10. The village was destroyed fire. 30. We suffered your neglect. 11. What is that__me ? 31. The exercise was written_ me___a 12. It cannot be done__offence. Camlin pen. 13. He spoke_ me _Urdu. 32. "Will you walk my parlour ?" said the 14. They live the same roof. spider the fly. 15. I have not seen him_Wednesday last. 33. It is ten o'clock my watch. 16. I have known him_____a long time. 34. There is nothing new the sun. 17. The moon does not shine__its own light. 35. Do not cry__spilt milk. 18. This is a matter__little importance. 36. You, boys, must settle it yourselves. 19. I am tired walking. 37. The public are cautioned pickpockets. 38. They drove Mumbai Pune. ol

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Choose the correct verb from those in brackets:

6. He --------------- a mill in this town. ( have; has; is having).

7. He --------------- here for the last five years. (worked; is working; has been working).

8. He thanked me for what I ------------. (have done; had done; have been doing).

9. I -------------- a strange noise.(hear; am hearing; have been hearing).

10. I ------------------ him for a long time. (know; have known; am knowing)

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fill in each blank with suitable word:
1. He inquired _me about my health
2. Do not grieve _this loss.
3. Do not grieve_ trifles.
4. I was impressed _his honesty.
5. You cannot make _the meaning of your statement.
6. Tiger escaped _the zoo.
7. I am quite hopeful _ success.
8. Give me change _a rupee.
9. My brother coelsme _ music.
10. I am searching _ my book.

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Now complete the following suitably.
(i) I was sitting in a taxi yesterday when _____________
(ii) He was cleaning out his cupboard when_____________
(iii) _____________ a dog ran out onto the road.
(iv) _____________ teacher walked into the room.
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Fill in the blanks with suitable perpositions :
1) We reached the station________time.
2) He persided_______the meeting.
3) The postman knocked________door.
4) Distribute these apples________ten frineds.
5) Distributes these bananas_________two brothers.
6) The boy has been missing________sunday.
7) You must reach the place_______sunset.
8) He has lived______this village_______ten years.
9) I was born________small village________karnataka.
10) We will finish our homework________an hour.
11) The people have been arriving at the station________8 o' clock.
12) I saw a dog running________the garden.
13) Did you stand_______the gate?
14) I started from my house________6 o' clock_________the morning.
15) Let us divide the sweets________the two of us.
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Fill in the blanks with correct preposition.
(1) I finished this novel ___________ four days.
(2) The train passed ​___________ a tunnel.
(3) I am looking ___________ my novel.
(4) There were many topics to be discussed ​___________ the meeting.
(5) The rest of the children are coming ​___________ foot.
(6) I have been going to dance class ​___________ two years now.
(7) The typist has been at work ​___________ 8 o'clock.
(8) The boys jumped ​___________ the fence.
(9) The school was planning to take us on a trip air.
(10) There is a bench ​___________ each end of the park.
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