Explain conductors and insulators with examples.



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(a) Conductors: The substance in which the electric current flows from one place to another place easily are called conducting materials. For example, Silver, Copper, Aluminium, Iron, Mercury, Salt solution, Acid, Base, Human body and Earth, etc. are good conductors of electricity. silver is the best conductor. When the charge is given to the conductor, it gets disturbed readily over the entire surface of the conductor and no charge is found inside the conductor.
(b) Insulators : Insulators are the materials or substances which resist or don’t allow the current to flow through them. In general, they are solid in nature.Wood, cloth, glass, mica, and quartz are some good examples of insulators. Also, insulators are protectors. They give protection against heat, sound and of course passage of electricity. Furthermore, insulators don’t have any free electrons. It is the main reason why they don’t conduct electricity.

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