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Explain the method of Grafting ?



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Grafting: In this method of reproduction, two plants of closely related varieties are joined together, so that they live as one plant. The plant, whose roots remain in the soil is called stock and the one of which small shoot is to be used is called Scion. The cambium of both stock and scion are fused to form a connection between the two. This fusion can be done in various ways. 
Accordingly, grafting is classified into three types: 
(A) Whip or tongue grafting: In this type, stock and Scion, which are of the same diameter are given oblique cuts, so that scion closely fits over the stock. They are tied by moist clay. 
(B) Wedge grafting: In this type of grafting, wedge-shaped or V-shaped cut is given in the stock. In the scion, a vertical slit is formed, so that it can be inserted into the stock. Then Scion and stock are tied by the moist clay, as in tongue grafting. 
(C) Crown grafting: If the diameter of the stock is more than that of the scion, then more than one scion can be grafted on a single stock. Scion is cut into long wedges on the lower end. These cuts should match with those present in the stock. Later on, these are tied together firmly. 
(D) Bud grafting: In this type of grafting, a bud along with some portion of the living tissue is taken as a scion. T-shaped cut is made in the bark of the stock. Scion is then inserted into this T-shaped cut. Both are then tied together, with strings and not allowed to dry. After a few days, bud becomes part of the stock plant and starts germinating. 

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