Explain the types of out breeding processes employed to improve desirable quantities of animals.

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Outbreeding is a breeding process were unrelated animals of the same species are mated but from different breeds.
The 3 methods of outbreeding are:- Outcrossing, Crossbreeding, and Interspecific breeding.
  • Outcrossing:- The individual of the same breed are mated but the individuals do not have any common ancestors for at least 4-5 generations. This technique is used to the outcome of the inbreeding depression. This is done in animal breeds which have average milk production, beef production etc.
  • Crossbreeding:-   Breeding that is done between animals from different breed is called cross breeding. The superior male of one breed is mated with the superior females of another breed. This helps in bringing about the desirable qualities of both breeds together. For example. Hisardale sheep which is a cross between Bikaneri ewes and Marino rams.
  •  Interspecific breeding:- Males and females of2 different related species are mated. The progeny is usually having characters from both sides of the parents and can be used for economic benefits. But the results of interspecific breeding are usually sterile progenies. For example, mule which is a cross between the female horse and a male donkey.

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