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Fill in the blank with the most appropriate word.
In _______ fog or rain, you should reduce ________ speed.


the / no article


no article / no article


no article / a


a / no article



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Correct option is

no article / no article

  1. An/A' is used as an indefinite article for a thing or person when the reader doesn't know which one we are referring to out of many nouns. It states the random nature of the subject.
  2. 'The' is used as a definite article for a thing or person when the reader knows which one we are exactly referring to. It states the specific nature of the subject.

Option B is correct because both the blanks don't require articles to provide meaning to the sentence. Option C is incorrect as 'A' is used for words with random nature. A speed doesn't  provide the correct sense to the sentence. Option A is incorrect as 'The' refers to a particular subject & shows the uniqueness of the subjects of which the readers are aware of. The fog or rain doesn't fit here logically. It refers to a particular fog or rain. Option D is incorrect as 'Ais used with a word with a random nature. Though it may sound OK but 'in a fog or rain' doesn't provide the right sense.

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