Fill in the blanks in the sentences below using the appropriate forms of the words given in the following box.

guide, succeed, chair, travel,  pale, draw, true

  1. I met a_________ from an antique land.
  2. I need special_________ in mathematics. I cant count the number of times I have failed in the subject.
  3. The guide called Stephen Hawking a worthy__________ to Issac Newton.
  4. His other problems ________ into insignificance beside this unforeseen mishap.
  5. The meeting was by the youngest member of the board.
  6. Some people say 'yours________ 'when they informally refer to themselves.
  7. I wish it had been a________ We would have been spared the noise of celebrations, at least.



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  1. traveller
  2. guidance
  3. successor
  4. paled
  5. chaired
  6. truly
  7. drawn

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