Fill in the blanks with the correct or no article:
____ Chief Executive Officer and ____ Managing Director of the company are in the meeting room. (two different people)


The.; a


A; the


The; the


No articles



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Correct option is

The; the

The given nouns 'Chief Executive Officer' and 'Managing Director' are specific positions of a company, hence they are definite nouns and we use a definite article for both of them, 'the', which is the only definite article, and it modifies both the nouns because they're specific (what also makes them specific is the phrase 'in the meeting room' as we are referring to the CEO and the MD in the meeting room), hence Option C is correct. Option A is incorrect because there is only one managing director, by using 'a' we change the meaning to any managing director, which isn't true, hence the usage of indefinite article 'a' is wrong here. Option B is incorrect because the 'Chief Executive Officer' is a specific position, there can be only one such position in a company, hence the indefinite article 'a' is wrong here. An article is omitted when the job title refers to the title, and not the people, here the titles are referring to the people holding that position, hence option D is incorrect.

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