Give any account of weather conditions and characteristics of the Retreating Monsoon.



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The weathers conditions, and characteristics, of the retreating monsoon are given below:
(i) It falls between October and November
(ii)) It is a period, of transition from hot rainy season: to, dry, winter- conditions.
(iii) The withdrawal of the monsoon is marked by clear skies and,rise in temperature.
(iv) Day temperatures are high and humid but nights are cool and pleasant. This is, commonly known as. 'October heat'.
(v) In the second half of October, the mercury begins to fall rapidly in northern India. The low-pressure conditions over northwestern India, get transferred to the Bay of Bengal by early November due to occurrence of cyclonic depressions, which originate over the Andaman Sea.
(vi) The delta region of the eastern coast of India is frequently struck by cyclones. The deltas of Godavari, Krishna and Kaveri are also frequently struck by cyclones which cause great damage to life and property.
(vii) Sometimes, these cyclones arrive at the coasts of Orissa, West Bengal and Bangladesh. The heavy rainfall of the Coromandel coast is due to these and cyclones.

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