Himadri and Himachal.



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  • The Himadri also called the Great or Inner Himalayas, is the northern most range of the Himalayas. This range is in a single, unbroken line and has the highest peaks like Mount Everest and Mount Godwin Austin.

  • Several glaciers, such as the Gangotri and the Siachen, originate from this range. The Zoji La pass is situated in the Great Himalayan range and serves as the only link between Ladakh and Kashmir.

  • The next range the Himachal, is located south of the Greater Himalayas. The height of mountains in this range is between 3700 and 4500 metres hence is also referred to as the Lesser Himalayas! In other words, the Himachal is made up of altered rocks. The Pir Panjal is the longest range in the Lesser Himalayas. The Dhaula Dhar and the Mahabharat are other ranges famous for their beauty. The Himalayas are also divided into regions from east to west.

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