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Household gaseous fuel (LPG) mainly contains:





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LPG is chiefly a mixture of butane and isobutane. It is used for cooking purposes. 

The molecular formula of butane is

The correct option is (D)

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___________ is added to LPG to detect leakage .

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The chemical added to LPG to help detect its leakages is:

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CNG considered to be a better fuel than petrol.


It is a clean burning fuel which causes less pollution. Also it has a higher ignition temperature and it is a non-toxic fuel that does not pose any danger of contamination to ground water.

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Main constituent(s) of LPG is/are: 

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Identify the relation and fill in the blanks
LPG: Butane: LNG:______

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Petrol is exhaustible natural resource, whereas sunlight is not.


Sun is inexhaustible because the sun will continue to radiate energy for the so far. Natural resources take thousands of years to form naturally and cannot be replaced as fast as they are being consumed.

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Using this quantity of LPG for how many days can you cook? 

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Method used for purifying petroleum is :

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Why is ethyl mercaptan added to LPG? 

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