How are the farmers in village Palampur able to grow more crops on the same land?

Updated on : 2022-09-05
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The farmers of Palampur are able to grow more crops from the same land as:

(i) They follow multiple cropping pattern. They grow at least two main crops. Many of them also grow vegetables as third crop.

(ii) There is a well-developed system of irrigation in Palampur that enables the farmers to grow three different crops in a year.

(iii) Electricity came early to Palampur. It has played a pivotal role in transformation of the irrigation system in village Palampur. Soon the old and existing Persian wheels were replaced by electric run tubewells which could irrigate much larger areas of land.

(iv) Modem farming methods and Green Revolution introduced HYV seeds.

 (v) Effective use of HYV seeds, chemical fertilisers and modern agricultural technologies resulted in better agricultural yield from same land in Palampur.

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