How did a temple communicate the importance of a king?



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Kings usually constructed temples to demonstrate their devotion to God and their power and wealth. Here we can mention the Rajarajeshvara temple which was built by King Raja Raja Chola for the worship of his god, Rajarajeshvaram. It is noticeable that the names of the ruler and the god are very similar. The king took the god's name because it was auspicious and he wanted to appear like a god. Through the rituals of worship in the temples one god i.e. Rajarajadeva honoured another i.e. Rajarajeshvaram.
Kings usually constructed the largest temples. The other, lesser deities in the temple were gods and goddesses of the allies and subordinates of the ruler. The temple was a miniature model of the world ruled by the king and his allies. As they worshipped their deities together in the royal temples, it seemed as if they brought the just rule of the gods on earth.

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