How is the biological loss of forest and wildlife correlated with the loss of cultural diversity?



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Biological loss of forest and wildlife correlated with loss of cultural diversity in the following ways.

  • Destruction of forests and wildlife has affected the livelihood of many communities which are directly dependent on forests.
  • They depend on forests for their food, medicine, water, livelihood, and cultural traits.
  • In certain societies, women are involved in fuel collection, fodder for animals, and water for their basic needs. Due to large-scale deforestation, these forest products are not available to them and the life of these people, especially women, is largely affected.
  • Women have to go in search of food, water and fuel over long distances leaving their family for a long time resulting in social tensions.
  • It has resulted in severe droughts and floods which has affected these communities adversely. These people live in extreme poverty, which is the direct result of environmental degradation. Conservation of forests and wildlife is essential to provide a better quality of life and environment.

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