(i) Differentiate between Surface water and Ground water.
(ii) Mention two reasons to explain as to why we are facing water scarcity in recent times.



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  • Surface water- It is water found in a river, lake or other surface cavities.
Surface water is usually not very high in mineral content.
Surface water is called as soft water due to its less mineral content.

  • Groundwater is water contained in or by a subsurface layer of soil or rock.
Groundwater commonly contains less contamination than surface water because the rock tends to act as a filter to remove some contaminants.
Due to the minerals picked up while filtering through the rocks, groundwater is typically considered to be hard water.

  • Majority of the water resources are contaminated with the bio and chemical pollutants.Increased industrialization and construction activities, the changing climatic conditions are also the reasons for water scarcity in India.

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