Identify the poles of the magnet in the figure (a) and (b) shown below.

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The magnetic field lines emerge from north pole and merge at the south pole

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The three diagrams in the following figure show the lines of force (field lines) between the poles of two magnets. Identify the poles A,B,C,D,E and F.

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Ganeshan set up an experiment using two bar magnets one of which is marked N (North pole) and S (South pole) as shown in the figure. He noticed that the upper magnet is lifted up in air.

Identify X and Y poles of the upper magnet.

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Three bar magnets A, B and C are together as shown in the diagram. The poles of the magnet B are marked. Here N represents the north pole and S represents the south pole of the magnet.

Identify the south pole of the remaining two magnets.

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Identify the pole X of the magnets in the given figure.

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A horse moves along a circular path that has four poles (A, B, C, and D), as shown in the figure below.

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