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If of is then the value of is







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An increase of 30% in the price of oranges enables a man to buy 6 kg less for Rs. 300. Find the increased price per kg.

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Mohan bought a flat worth He sells it to Rajesh at a profit of . If after sometime Rajesh sells it back to Mohan at a loss, then the amount gain by Mohan is

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At the start of a new movie at a theater, there are 250 people in it. However, 10% of the people walk out of the theater within 15 minutes of the movie starting. If another 10% leave in the next 15 minutes and this rate continues for the duration of the movie, which of the following graphs appropriately models the number of people in the theater during the movie?

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The population of a place increased to in at a rate of per annum 
i) Find the population in .
ii) What would be its population in
iii) Write any two effects of high populations 

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The percentage of metals in a mine of zinc ore is  . Now the percentage of silver is of metals and the rest is zinc. If the mass of ore extracted from the mine is 8000 kg, then find the mass (in kg) of zinc ?

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Calculations show that an angle is . The size obtained by drawing and measurement is  . Find the error in percent.

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Ambika got 99 per cent marks in Mathematics, 76 per cent marks in Hindi, 61 per cent in English, 84 per cent in Science, and in Social Science. If each subject carries 100 marks, then find the percentage of marks obtained by Ambika in the aggregate of all the subjects.

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                                      Largest Deserts in the World
 Desert Area (km2)
 Sahara (Africa) 8,800,000
 Gobi (Asia) 1,300,000
 Australian Desert (Australia) 1,250,000
 Arabian Desert (Asia) 850,000
 Kalahari Desert (Africa) 580,000
 Chihuahuan Desert (North America) 370,000
 Takla Makan Desert (Asia) 320,000
 Kara Kum (Asia) 310,000
 Namib Desert (Africa) 310,000
 Thar Desert (Asia) 260,000
Earth Science: The table lists the world's 10 largest deserts.
(a) What are the mean, median and mode of the areas listed ?
(b) How many times the size of the Gobi Desert is the Namib Desert ?
(c) What Percentage of the deserts listed are in Asia ?
(d) What percentage of the total area of the deserts listed is in Asia ?

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In , Hansi earned .
i) He earned more in . Calculate how much he earned in .
ii) In he earns more than in . Calculate the percentage increase in his earnings from to

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In a straight contest, the loser polled votes and lost by votes. Find the total number of votes polled. If the total number of eligible voters was lakh, find what percentage of voters did not vote.

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