If it is noon at one location on Earth, what time is it at a location directly on the other side of Earth?

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A radar has a power of 1 KW and is operating at a frequency of 10 GHz. It is located on a mountain top of height 500 m. The maximum distance up to which it can detect object located on the surface of the earth is [Radius of earth = 6.4×106m]

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Sir in earth magnetism I have one doubt please clarify

Which earth magnetic pole located at gegrophical north?

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An antipode of any location on earth represents the point that is diametrically opposite to it. In this context, where is the antipode of London roughly located?

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At some location on earth the horizontal component of earth's magnetic field is 18×106 T. At this location, magnetic needle of length 0.12 m and pole strength 1.8 Am is suspended from its mid-point using a thread, it makes 45 angle with horizontal in equilibrium.To keep this needle horizontal,the vertical force that should be applied at one of its ends is

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A satellite rotating in the same sense as earth in equatorial orbit has a time period of 6hrs at a certain instant, it is directly overhead an observer on the equator of the earth. It is directly overhead the observer at a time t again. The correct value of t is :

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