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In India, which type of forest among the following occupies the largest area?


Montane Wet Temperate Forest


Sub-tropical Dry Evergreen Forest


Tropical Moist Deciduous Forest


Tropical Wet Evergreen Forest


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Consider the following states:
1) Arunachal Pradesh
2) Himachal Pradesh
3) Mizoram 
In which of the above states do 'Tropical Wet Evergreen Forests' occur?

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Marsupials are the only mammals that incubate and carry their young ones in special pouches. Most marsupials are found in Australia. Which of the following is the only marsupial to be found in North America?

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Consider the following States of India in terms of percentage of forest area in relation to the total area of the State:
1. Karnataka
2. Odisha
3. Kerala
4. Andhra Pradesh
Which one of the following is the correct descending order?

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Deciduous trees, unlike evergreens, shed their leaves periodically, which then regrow. Which of the following is not a deciduous tree?

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Dense forests are the forests that have a tree canopy of more than ________.

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Which of the following states has the maximum total forest cover in India?

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The typical structure of a tropical forest is ______.

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Which one among the following is the largest tiger reserve of India in terms of area of the core/critical tiger habitat?

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In which one of the following countries, the Mediterranean type of biome is found?

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