In "Rivet popper hypothesis " Paul Ebrlich ,the rivets on the wings represents __________ in ecosystem.


Key species


Exotic species


Extinct species


Invasive species

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Correct option is A)

  • The Rivet Popper hypothesis given by Paul Ehlrich tries to explain the importance of key species in an ecosystem. 
  • The hypothesis compares the ecosystem with an aeroplane and the rivets with the species that are joining the parts of the aeroplane/ecosystem together. 
  • If the passengers start taking out the rivets, then initially there will be no issue in flight but later, the aeroplane will not be capable to maintain its flight.
  • Similarly, if the key species are exploited, they would be extinct, which would not harm the ecosystem initially but later, the ecosystem will collapse.
  • However, those rivets which are the parts of the wings are more important because they are directly involved with the flight function. 
  • These rivets on wings are compared to the key species of an ecosystem. 
Hence, the correct answer is 'Key Species'.

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