In what ways was the history of the Gonds different from that of the Ahoms? Were there any similarities?



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The history of the Gonds was different from that of the Ahoms in the following ways:
  • The Gonds lived in a vast forested region called Gondwana. The Ahoms migrated to the Brahmaputra valley from present-day Myanmar in the 13th century.
  • The Gonds practiced shifting cultivation. The Ahoms did not practice this type of cultivation.
  • The Gond society was not as much developed as the Ahom's. The Ahoms built a large state by using firearms. They could even make high-quality gunpowder and cannons.
  • The Ahom society was very sophisticated. Poets and scholars were given land grants. Theatre was encouraged. We do not find these things in the Gond society.
  • There were many similarities between the Gonds and Ahoms:
Both were capable of building large states.
  • Both had to face the Mughal attack. Despite their brave defense, both were defeated by the Mughals.
  • Both of them granted land to the Brahmanas, who became very influential.
  • We find the administration centralized in the history of the Gonds as well as the Ahoms.

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