Identify the correct sequence of hormones involved in:
Inhibition of gastric secretion
Stimulation of gastric secretion
Pancreatic secretion and 
Bile secretion


Gastrin, secretin, Enterokinin and CCK


Enterogastrone, gastrin, pancreozymin and CCK


Gastrin, Enterogastrone, CCK and pancreozymin


Secretin, Enterogastrone, Secretin and enterokinin

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Correct option is B)

Enterogastrone is a hormone secreted by the duodenal mucosa, when fatty food is in the stomach or small intestine; it is also thought to be released when sugars and proteins are in the intestine. Enterogastrone is transported by the bloodstream to the glands and muscles of the stomach, where it inhibits gastric movements and secretions, possibly by blocking the production or activity of gastrin, the hormone that initially causes these functions.
Gastrin Cells (G-cells) are present in the pyloric region and secrete and store the hormone gastrin. Gastrin stimulates the gastric glands to release the gastric juice. 
Pancreozymin stimulates the synthesis as well as secretion of pancreatic juices.
Cholecystokinin stimulates the liver to secrete the bile juice and the gallbladder to release the bile. 

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