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Largest herbarium in India is at 


National Botanical Garden, Lucknow


Lloyd Botanical Garden, Darjeeling


Forest Research Institute, Dehradun


Indian Botanical Garden, Sibpur


Indian Botanical Garden, Sibpur, Kolkata has the largest herbarium in India.
So, the correct option is 'Indian Botanical Garden, Sibpur'.

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Place of keeping and studying dry plants is :

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A herbarium sheet, on which first description of plant is based, is termed as

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What is a herbarium?

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A display garden that concentrates on herbs and lianas is often referred to as an arboretum.

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Match the items given in Column I with those in Column II and select the correct option given below:
Column IColumn II
aHerbariumiIt is a place having a collection of preserved plants and animals.
bKeyiiA list that enumerates methodically all the species found in an area with brief description aiding identification. 
cMuseumiiiIs a place where dried and pressed plant specimens mounted on sheets are kept.
ivA booklet containing a list of characters and their alternates which are helpful in identification of various taxa.

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Consider the following statements and select the correct set of options -

A. The most obvious and technically complicated features are metabolism and consciousness.
B. Growth and reproduction are mutually inclusive events for euglenoids and chrysophytes.
C. Generally, families and orders are identified on the basis of aggregates of vegetative characters only.
D. Herbarium serves as quick referral system in taxonomical studies.

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