Letter Writing : 
Write a letter enquiring about fire insurance policy.

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                                                                       J.K.L. CO. LTD.
                                                     Registered Office: '2', Bombay House,
                                                      Modi Street, Fort, Mumbai - 400 001.
Tele No.: 67345621                                                                                                   Date: 18th August, 2011
Fax No.: 67345621
Ref. No.: A5-102

The Manager,
ABC fire Insurance Company
24, Nariman Point,
Mumbai - 400 021
                                                    Sub.  Inquiry about fire policy.
     We write this to inform you that our factory is located at Malad which is going to start commercial production shortly. Hence, we would like to insure our goods and factory property and premises against risk of loss due to fire. The value of property is worth Rs. 5 crores.
     We would like to obtain a fire insurance policy for a period of one year. Kindly let us know the terms and conditions of your company for fire insurance.
      Thanking You,
                                                                                                                             Yours faithfully,

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