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Long answer type question:
What do you know about the people of rainforest?



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The people of the Amazon basin practice slash and bum agriculture. They grow most of their food in small areas after clearing some trees in the forest. Men hunt and fish along the rivers and women take care of the crops. They mainly grow tapioca, pineapple, and sweet potato. As hunting and fishing are uncertain it is the women who support the family. They feed them the vegetables that they grow. Their staple food is manioc, also known as cassava that grows under the ground like a potato. They also eat queen ants and egg sacs. Cash crops like coffee, maize, and cocoa are also grown.
People get wood for their houses from the rainforests. They build thatched houses shaped like beehives. There are also malocas there which are large apartment-like houses with a steeply slanting roof.
The Amazon basin is developing day by day. In 1970's the trans-Amazon highway made all parts of the rainforest accessible. With the change of time people's life styles are also changing.

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