Match column-I with column-II and select the correct answer using the codes given below the lists.

List 1Engel's sulphurSulphurRhombic sulphurMonoclinic sulphur
List 2Rings, Chair conformation, unstableFibrous or rubber likeCrystalline form-yellow crystalsPuckered rings crown conformation


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Allotropes of sulfur:
(A) Engel's sulfur is the sulfur ring in . It has a "chair" conformation, reminiscent of the chair form of cyclohexane. All of the sulfur atoms are equivalent. Hence, A matches to 1.
(B) Rhombic sulfur is yellow solid consisting of puckered rings. The thermodynamically stable form at ordinary temperatures.Β Hence, B matches to 4.
(C) Monoclinic sulphur is yellow crystalline solid, consisting of puckered rings.Β Hence, C matches to 3.Β 
(D) The most commonly encountered form of sulfur is the orthorhombic polymorph of $$ S_8$$, which adopts a puckered ring or "crown" structure.Β Hence, D matches to 2.Β 

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