Match the chemical substances given in column (I) with their appropriate application given in column (II):
Column I Column II
(1) Bleaching powder(i) Preparation of glass
(2) Baking soda(ii) Production of and
(3) Washing Soda(iii) Decolourisation
(4) Sodium chloride(iv) Antacid


(1) (ii), (2) (i), (3) (iv), (4) (iii)


(1) (iii), (2) (i), (3) (iv), (4 (ii)


(1) (vi), (2) (iii), (3) (i), (4) (ii)


(1) (iii), (2) (iv), (3) (i), (4) (ii)



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Correct option is

(1) (iii), (2) (iv), (3) (i), (4) (ii)

Bleaching Power  Decolourisation
Baking soda  Antacid
Washing Soda  Preparation of glass
Sodium chloride  Production of  and 

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Match the following columns.
Column (I) Column (II) 
(1) Bleaching powder(a) Sodium bicarbonate
(2) Baking soda(b) Sodium carbonate 
(3) Washing soda(c) Calcium oxychloride
(4) Plaster of Paris  (d) Calcium sulphate hemihydrate

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Match Column I with Column II and choose he correct option from the codes given below:

List 1Cleaning agent for domestic purposeIn soda-acid fire extinguishersDisinfecting drinking waterD-greasing metals Paper making
List 2Sodium hydrogen carbonateBleaching powderSodium hydroxideSodium carbonate
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Common salt besides being used in kitchen can also be used as the raw material for making:
(i) washing soda
(ii) bleaching powder
(iii) baking soda
(iv) slaked lime

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Match column I with column II and select the correct answer using the codes given below:

             Column I                                  Column II
  (Common name)              (Chemical name / Chemical present)
(A)  Slaked lime                           (P)  Zinc carbonate
(B)  Baking soda                          (Q)  Calcium hydroxide
(C)  Calamine solution                 (R)  Sodium bicarbonate
(D)  Milk of Magnesia                  (S)  Magnesium hydroxide

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 Column A Column B
 A. Bleaching powder i. Preparation of glass
 B. Baking soda ii. Production of and
 C. Washing soda iii. Decolourisation
 D. Sodium chloride iv. Antacid
Match the chemical substances given in Column (A) with their appropriate application given in Column (B).

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