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Match the column-I and II choose the correct option
Column - IColumn - II
(a) Kaziranga National Park(i)  Uttar Pradesh (Uttarakhand)
(b) Tadoba National Park(ii) Gujarat
(c) Corbett National Park(iii) Maharashtra
(d) Gir National Park(iv) Assam


a - iv, b - iii, c - i, d - ii


a - i, b - ii, c - iv, d - iii


a - iv, b - iii, c - ii, d - i


a - iv, b - i, c - iii, d - ii


• Kaziranga national park is located in Assam.
• Tadoba national park is located in Maharashtra.
• Corbett national park is located in Uttarakhand.
• Gir national park is located in Gujarat.
Hence, the correct match is a− iv, b− iii, c− i, d− ii. So, the correct answer is A.

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