Match the following items given :

List 1Milk, curd, paneer, gheeSpinach, cauliflower, carrotLions and tigersHebivores
List 2Eat other animalsEat plants and plant productsAre vegetablesAre all animal based products
Updated on : 2022-09-05
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  • Milk is an animal product usually obtained from cattle. Curd, paneer, and ghee are milk-based products.
  • Vegetables are certain parts of plants that are consumed as food. Examples- spinach, cauliflower, cabbage, carrot, beans, brinjal, etc.
  • Animals that eat other animals are called carnivores. Examples- lion, tiger, etc.
  • Animals that eat only plant or plant products are called herbivores. Examples- cow, horse, rabbit, etc.
Hence, the correct match is A- 4, B- 3, C- 1, D- 2.

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