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Most acceptable concept of species is


Static concept


Biological concept


Typological concept


Genetic concept



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Correct option is

Biological concept

Typological species is defined as a group of organisms that are morphologically similar irrespective of their breeding compatibility. It determines species as a static entity which can interbreed within their limit of variations and hence, is also termed as static concept. It is not accepted due to its consideration of species as a fixed entity. The biological species concept groups the members of the same species organisms that can potentially interbreed to produce fertile offspring. It is the most accepted concept due to its scientific criteria of classification that groups the individuals on the basis of their reproductive isolation which in turn maintain the morphological differences among the reproductively isolated individuals of the same habitat. Genetic species refers to the grouping of individuals of the basis of similarity and dissimilarity of their genetic material i.e. DNA; however, it needs sophisticated techniques of matching the DNA, DNA-DNA hybridization and DNA fingerprinting which are not always feasible to be performed. Thus, the correct answer is option B.

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