Name six major rivers of the Deccan Plateau and the water bodies they drain into.



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  • Rivers of South India are dependent on the monsoons and shrink during the dry season.The line created by theNarmada River and Mahanadi river is the traditional boundary between northern and southern India.
  • The Narmada flows westwards in the depression between the Vindhya and Satpura ranges.The plateau is watered by the east-flowing Godavari  and Krishna rivers. 
  • The other major rivers of the Deccan plateau are the Pennar and the Tungabhadra, a major tributary of the Krishna.
  • The river Kaveri  rises in the Western Ghats, in the Kodagu district of Karnataka and flows through the fertile Mandya,Mysore, Hassan regions before entering Tamil Nadu, where it forms an extensive and fertile delta on the east coast.
  •  The three major river deltas of South India, the Kaveri, the Godavari and the Krishna, are located along the Bay of Bengal. These areas constitute the rice bowls of South India. 
  • Most Deccan plateau rivers flow south. Most of the northern part of the plateau is drained by the Godavari River  and its tributaries, including the Indravati River, starting from the Western Ghats and flowing east towards the Bay of Bengal. Most of the central plateau is drained by the Tungabhadra River, Krishna River and its tributaries, including the Bhima River, which also runs east.

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