Name the four distinct seasons broadly experienced in India.

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The four types of seasons are

Cold weather Season – It begins from mid-November to February. Northeast trade winds blow from land to sea during this period, making it a dry season where days are warm and nights are cold.

Hot weather Season – During this season which begins from March to May the temperature increases from south to north with the temperature remaining lower in peninsular India. It experiences hot dry winds, ‘Loo’ in May and June along with rising temperature with falling air pressure (in the northern part). While Kerela & Karnataka receives pre-monsoon showers, West Bengal and Assam are affected by northwesterly winds.

Advancing monsoon Season- It begins from June to September and during this season north-western region of the country receives the maximum rainfall.

Retreating monsoon Season is also known as the withdrawing monsoon – please refer to the above section of onset and withdrawal of monsoon.

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