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Name the important physical regions of the Peninsular Plateau.



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Peninsular Plateau of India

The triangular shaped Peninsular Plateau of India extends from the south of Indo-Ganga Plain to the Cape Comorin (now Kanyakumari). This plateau is one of the oldest surfaces of the Earth and represents a segregated part of the old Gondwanaland.

Physical features:

The Aravalli range in the west and the Satpura, the Mahadeo and the Kaimur range in the south divide the Peninsular Plateau into two parts:

(i) The Central Indian Plateau in the north and (ii) The Deccan Plateau in the south of it. A brief account of them is given below:

Central Indian Plateau:

The Aravalli mountain, extending between Delhi and Ahmedabad (also Amdavad) , lies in the western flank of the plateau. 

The Deccan Plateau:

The Deccan Plateau is almost encircled by hills and mountains, viz. the Satpura, Mahadeo, Kaimur ranges on the north, the Western Ghat on the west and the Eastern Ghat on the east. The Deccan plateau forms a large portion of South India.

The Maharashtra Lava Plateau is flanked in the south-west by Karnataka Plateau and on the south-east by the Telangana Plateau.

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