Observe the above water cycle. The water cycle differs from other cycles in that it occurs primarily due to physical processes, not chemical processes. Observe the figure and the following statements and put the events in the correct sequence.
A. Precipitation exceeds evaporation and transpiration over land, runoff, and groundwater balance the net flow of water vapor to land.
B. Solar energy results in evaporation from the oceans
C. Over the oceans, evaporation exceeds precipitation, the excess water vapor is moved onto land by winds. 
D. Water vapor rises, cools, and falls as precipitation.







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Correct option is B)



At first the solar energy results in evaporation from the ocean. Evaporation of water from the sea occurs in the form of water vapour. 

As the water vapour rises up in the air it cools down and falls as precipitation. This is because colder air is denser than warmer air. 

Precipitation exceeds the evaporation and transpiration over land.

Few of the water coming from precipitation moves back to the ocean in the form of runoff. 

Some of the water percolates into groundwater, balancing the net flow of water vapour into the land ecosystem. 

In the ocean, evaporation is higher than precipitation. This excess water vapour needs to be moved to the land region by the wind. 

Therefore the given sequence will be .

Hence, the correct answer is option (B).

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