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one vhile (9) The dimension of permittivity [80] are as is ............. Take Q as the dimension of charge. (A) M'L-25-20*\B) -221-30- (C) M'L-TRYD) M-'LT?Q-2 narticle is moving in a


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Guj Board March 2018 Class 12 Physics

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The potential energy of a particle varies the distance from a fixed origin as , where A and B are dimensional constants, then find the dimensional formula for AB.

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The time period of a spring mass system depends upon mass & spring constant & length of the spring . Find the relation among and using dimensional method.

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Light year and year, both measure time.


Because light year is the time that light takes to
reach the earth from the sun.

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Which of the following pairs of physical quantities does not have same dimensional formula?

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An ice cube has a stone of 500 g placed on its top, is floating in water with its lateral sides placed vertically. It displaces 5 kg of water. Suddenly, the stone slips into water. Because of this ice cube rises by of its length above the water level. What is the density of the ice cube?

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Are dimension of mass and weight  equal ?

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An enclosed ideal gas A has its pressure P as a function of its volume V as , where are constants. Find the physical dimensions of .

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