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  1. Disturbance
  2. Unrest
  3. War
  4. Uproar

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Pacifism is the broad commitment to making peace. The idea is complicated by the fact that peace is a family resemblance term: there are many varieties of peace. Peace is easiest to define dialectically as the opposite of war or violence. Pacifism has thus been described simply as anti-war or as a commitment to nonviolence. One conceptual difficulty here is that when peace is defined negatively, pacifism appears as a reactionary response to war and violence. Discussions of peace thus often employ negative terms and creative neologisms to express the concept of peace: “nonviolence,” “nonwar,” “nonkilling,” “non-conflict,” or “nonwar.” Peace advocates will, however, insist that peace should be understood as a primary concept connected to cooperation, harmony, and positive human relations and that it is a mistake to understand peace in merely negative terms. At any rate, peace scholarship has long emphasized the distinction between negative peace and positive peace: negative peace is the absence of violence or war while positive peace encompasses cooperative, tranquil, and harmonious relations and the broader concerns of human flourishing and integration.

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Every individual wants peace of mind. But it is hard to find a person who can say that he has attained such a state of mental equilibrium that will allow him to live a life of tranquility. Peace of mind is a distant dream for all of us. What is the reason for this? The reason is that people hanker after ideal peace, that is, pure peace–a peace that is free from all kinds of non–peace items.But this kind of absolute peace is not in nature’s storehouse

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The third Anglo-Mysuru war concluded with a peace treaty. What were the conditions of this peace treaty?
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