Plants like Aegle
marmelos, Ocimum sanctum and
Ficus religiosa are
designated as
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Plants like Aegle marmelos, Ocimum sanctum and Ficus religiosa are designated as


Sacred plants


Traditional food crops


Lesser known food plants


Medicinal plant species


Some plants are used for sacred and ceremonial purposes and are known as sacred plants. For example, Prosopis cineraria' known as Jammi, Shami, Khejri Tree, or Ghaf, is a species of flowering tree belonging to the pea family, Fabaceae is a sacred plant. The importance lies during the tenth day of the Dasara Festival when it is worshipped in various parts of India. Other examples include Aegle marmelos, Ocimum sanctum, and Ficus religiosa.
So, the correct answer is 'Sacred plants'.

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