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Write three measures to conserve ecosystem.

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Conservation of the ecosystem at a high order level is the need of an hour. 
Following are the steps to conserve ecosystem:
1. Avoid the use of non-degradable waste such as plastics that release that release harmful intoxicants in the atmosphere.
2. We should say no to plastic bags and use paper or cloth bags.
We should make use of the available natural resources and avoid the use of conventional resources that are in danger of extinction such as petrol, diesel, etc.
3. We should plant more and more trees and make the area surrounding you clean and green because 'if we have to live in this modern age we should garbage'.
4. Make less use of greenhouse gases spreading components like A.C, Refrigerator, etc. to make the hole in the ozone layer less and less.
5. At last, we should develop a scientific attitude and have love towards our nature as we know ''nature is not for our greed but for our need.''

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