River having water throughout year is called as _______.


perennial river.


meandering river.


cascading river.


seasonal river.



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Correct option is A)

The perennial rivers are the rivers in which water flows throughout the year, they never goes dry.

Perennial rivers are also known as permanent rivers as they flow throughtout the year. They originate from the mountain and dring the dry season the water is fed by the melting of glaciers in these rivers.

These rivers are mostly found in North India due to the presence of the great mountain range Himalaya that is fully covered with snow provides water to some rivers throughtout the year, whereas in south india there is no mountain with snow and even snow is only in winter time so the south indian rivers are non- perennial rivers.

In Northern plains of India perennial rivers are very much useful for agriculture because they provide water throughout the year. E.g- Ganga is the best example of a perennial river.

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