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Sample Problema What mass of car ole Problem 3. When 3 g of carbon is burnt in 8 g of oxygen, 11 g of carbon dioxide is produced. s of carbon dioxide will be formed when 3 g of carbon is burnt in 50 g of oxygen? Which law of combination will govern your answer ? (NCERT Book Question) be the layer of constant proportions. Now, since carbon and mical combinatie

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NCERT Solution for Class 9 Science Chapter 3

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The reaction of burning of carbon in oxygen is respected by the equation:

When g of solid carbon is burnt in g of oxygen gas, g of carbon dioxide is produced. The mass of carbon dioxide gas formed on burning of g of carbon in g of oxygen would be (Note: atomic mass of

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The gas which contributes maximum to the heating value of natural gas is:

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Select the correct answer for the statement given below:
The product formed when carbon burns in oxygen of the air is:

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Name the product formed when substance 'X' burns in air.

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Digestion of food in our body is an example of ______ reaction.

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Which is better domestic fuel ?

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